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Christian Wilde sure has come a long way since I first started seeing him in gay porn. Back then (a couple of years ago) he was a boyish-looking, young man who was still coming into his body. This blond stud has filled out a whole lot and picked up a number of tattoos in his travels. And he's made quite a name for himself over at Bound Gods, where he has filmed eight scenes, and he's now filming scenes for Bound in Public, too, which is Bound Gods' newer, younger brother.

This week, Christian Wilde has Trent Diesel penned in a cage and Christian is revving up for an intense play session with this blond stud. Christian drags Trent out of the dog cage and secures him to a metal rack. He sets things straight with this boy and lets him know that Master's word is the law. He rips Trent's shirt off his solidly built torso, then yanks his jeans down his legs. Trent's cock is already rock hard thinking about things to come. Christian grabs a riding crop and slaps Trent's hard cock.

Then Christian wraps Trent's balls in a vice and Trent is starting to rethink his submission to this mad man. Bound and hanging from the rafters, Trent is flogged, he's screaming for mercy, but it's only going to get worse. Christian lays Trent back on a fucking bench, fastening his slave's arms and legs to some pipes, with his legs hoisted high above his head and secured to the metal, Trent's ass is exposed for his Master's pleasure.

Christian first attaches a series of clips down the sensitive undersides of both of Trent's legs. He winces in pain with each one. Then Christian rams his cock down Trent's throat, pushing his fleshy cock head down Trent's wind pipe. Christian reaches down and starts fingering Trent's fuck hole, getting it ready to open up for his huge cock. And Trent's got a nice, long, thick dick. Totally helpless, Trent endures a punishing and hard fuck and only hopes that his Master doesn't have staying power - he does! Head over to Bound Gods and watch the free preview video.

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