MAsT is an educational, supportive and resourceful platform for anyone involved with or interested in the Master/Slave litestyle. Available at your disposal is a forum of like-minded folks such as yourself who've come together to discuss all that the lifestyle entails. Here you can gain or share knowledge, and of course exchange ideas and suggestions. This is a nice layout with all links easily accessible. If there isn't a MAsT chapter near you or in your state, you can find out how to go about starting one. For Member's stories, click on the "Members" link and be thoroughly entertained by some very good writing and scenarios. There is also a Web Ring available if you wish to do a search for more resources and connection sites. There are many webpages dedicated to this style of living all over the net. I find some are good, a lot are bad, and some are better than good. MAsT would be one of the better-than-good sites.

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