dirty tony threeway

Studly Eryk Eastman is starting off this threeway session from Dirty Tony getting a massage. He works hard at the gym several times a week, so a rubdown is welcome relief for his sore muscles. He arrives for his massage appointment and gets naked and lies down on the massage table. As the handsome masseur starts working his body, Eryk quickly falls asleep.

Then hung studs Max Morgan and Matty Demerit start working Eryk over together. They loosen up Eryk's love hole with a huge cucumber. Then these two horny guys pick an end and stuff their hard, big dicks into Eryk's mouth and butt hole. Eryk can't tell if he's awake of having the best dream of his life. He writhes and wiggles on the massage table, but these two strong studs hold him in place. Eryk gives in and enjoys what's happening.

Matty thrusts deeply into Eryk's ass while Max throat fucks the blond stud. Then the two tops swap ends. After having their way with Eryk's ass, these two masseurs are ready to blow their loads. Matty creams Eryk's cheek, then Max hooks Eryk's mouth open and blow his load down Eryk's throat. Was it a dream? I guess we'll never really know.

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