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Wow, what could I possibly say about Mason Wyler that hasn't already been said? This luscious piece of man meat went from being everywhere, getting to work with whomever he wanted in gay porn, to what's going on now; Next Door Studios is pulling the plug on his website

How did this cum to be? How did Mason go from hot to hot mess to hot unemployed mess? Well, ever since Mason made the decision to come out about his HIV positive status things sadly, took a turn for the worse for Wyler. Most would want to argue that Mason's HIV status has nothing to do with the fact that work dried up and blame his off screen shenanigans for it.

Some co-stars called him a "head-case", and some didn't even want to get close to him 'cos it was always all about the drama. One week it was being raped and brutally beaten, the next week it was the drama about Next Door Studio, who he was signed to, not inviting him to their GAYVN Awards party. His life was starting to sound like a badly written soap-opera, "As The Slut Turns."

Now, that Mason's website is over, he is slowly coming to terms with the fact that it might be more than just his website that is coming to an end. He took to his blog and let it all out writing:

"My porn career had been on life-support for over a year now so this isn't a big surprise for me. Still, having the plug finally pulled on something I love is depressing to me."

So, what will happen to this brave, if somewhat misguided, soul? None of us can say, but one thing is for sure - watching Mason in action, it was clear to see that he LOVED doing porn and enjoyed every second of it, which is more than I can say about some of these popular "gay-4-pay" dudes.

Hopefully Mason Wyler will find his place in the porn world pronto and we will soon be seeing him with bucket loads of hot man juice all over his face!

Read his entire blog post here.

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