Mason Wyler raw threeway

In a move so penetrating, it's being compared to the colonoscopy video that redefined what it means to be a media attention whore - the 2008 Katie Couric Colonoscopy video - Mason Wyler has joined Dark Alley Media's Raw Fuck Club and his anus may never retain its shape:

"Mason Wyler is officially in the club. Watch Owen Hawk's uncut cock and Brandon Hawk's hot mushroom-head cock take turns spear-heading the welcoming party. Mason's tight pink asshole is eaten, power fucked and bred to initiation."

Um, okay. Sure!

Mason, whose HIV status was made public late last year, has always enjoyed a huge following partly because he's an unapologetic cum junkie and partly because he's really fucking hot. But Messr. Wyler has reached a new level of cult worship status with his latest video from the masters of anal exploitation and we hope to see more of this Texas-sized model who seems to know no limits when it comes to the kinds of sexual experimentation we in the gay porn business lovingly refer to as 'really hot sex.'

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