As you all already know I have this crazy love/lust with Mason Wyler, and have chronicled his many ups and of course downs in his porn career. Mason is not afraid to put himself out there, and he makes no apologies for being himself. That alone makes me adore him! Add in the fact that he is HOT - that makes it even better!

A couple of months ago Mason had declared that his porn career was over and that he would not be making any more films. Of course, that was not what his many fans wanted to hear, and we let Mason know that we wanted more of this slut on the screen for many years to cum!

Well, Falcon Studios has invited Mason for a hot and steamy scene with the muscular stallion Jesse Santana, and according to Mason the scene will be a complete and total cock-pleaser! However, Mason has clarified that this is not a cum-back into porn. He said that one scene, not matter how fucking hot it is, does not really equal a huge splash back into the adult industry.

Whatever this means for Mason and his porn career is still unclear, but one thing is for sure - it will be soo damn good to see his slutty ass back where it belongs!

For the latest on Mason Wyler visit his blog.

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