It seems a bit dramatic; I didn't put it that way, Mason did. Before you start to google your ass off, no, Mason Wyler is not dead, however according to the man himself his porno-making days are done with.

I blogged about his troubles last month, Mason was contemplating his place in the adult industry and the fact that his site, run by, had just been given the ax was not helping him find his way, at all.

Well, it seems as though Mason has finally thrown in the towel on porn altogether. Here are his exact words from WylerNation:

"This is a clarification for those of you who want me to make a triple X resurgence under the glare of a professional camera. Mason Wyler, the porn performer, is dead. I've tried my best to resuscitate what was once a thriving and vibrant career but it simply isn't happening.

I've contacted every erotic studio you can think of and haven't had any response. No one is interested in casting me anymore and I don't have the know-how, capital, or drive to start my own studio. I have officially flat-lined for much too long to ever come back.

It's time I face the fact that my porno-making days are over and move forward. Thank you for all the support, kind words, and adoration you have given me. I hope that you will continue to allow me to entertain you through my blogging here on Wyler Nation."

I can't help but feel a bit sad for Mason. I know he doesn't need my sympathy, but he was one of the few porn guys out there that gave it his all in every single one of his performances. I know that he probably hasn't been the most mentally stable of porn hunks but then again who the fuck is? The gay porn industry is not the most "sane" of working environments, so why expect our stars to have totally boring and "normal" lives?

It is strange how he says he has contacted every erotic studio and NONE of them have taken an interest. Could it really be that there is no longer a market for Mason Wyler? I am willing to bet money that this is not the case. Whatever he decides to do, I know for a fact that this will not be the last time I will be writing about Mason Wyler. Hopefully next time it'll be some good news! C'mon people, help this homo out!

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