Gay pornstar Mason Wyler

Here at Gaydemon, we have chronicled the ups and downs of porn hottie Mason Wyler very closely, given that I really do adore this slut for all he is worth! As I have said before, there is something so honest about Wyler that makes me love him with wild HOMO abandon. I may not agree with everything he says or puts out there, but I do admire the fact that his opinions are his own and he is not going to change them for anyone at anytime.

Recently Mason spilled his opinions on, and his answers to some of the questions regarding his use/ or non-use of condoms had a lot of peeps in the blogosphere screaming out: "OH NO, HE DI'NT!"

The interview started off pretty standard, with questions like how did you get into porn and "innocent" questions like this ,but it was when the questions turned to HIV that Mason's answers really surprised some. He declared that his during his offscreen sex encounters he would bareback 99.9% of the time, and this was simply due to the fact that he doesn't like condoms. He was then asked if he used condoms since his diagnosis and this is where Mason, in true form, said something that shocked bloggers all around da gay block! Mason said:

"No. But I only hook up with people who are HIV+ too. There are some doctors who say that's dangerous because of different strains of HIV, but there are others that don't agree. There are more risks of getting other diseases like hepatitis or other STIs. I'm turned off if someone is HIV negative. I associate them with using condoms and as horrible as that sounds, I still don't like using them if I'm the bottom - which 99 per cent of the time, I am. In my mind and my body I can tell the difference between condoms and bareback."

Many called him irresponsible, hopeless and downright stupid; others have said that they really don't see what the big deal is and if Mason wants to fuck without condoms, and his partners are aware of the risks this can lead to, then it's their problem.

So now over to you lot! What do you think of Mason's latest "gay-scandalo"? Is he saying what he feels and staying true to who he is or is he totally fucked up? Let's hear what you gotta say!

For the ENTIRE interview go HERE!

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