Joey and Aaron have a lot in common. They're both very masculine UK men, they both have big uncut cocks, and they were both strutting their stuff in Soho when the guys from UK Naked Men went looking for new models. Once they got the guys back to the studio, it was clear that sparks were gonna fly as Aaron and Joey hurried to get out of their clothes and into each other.

In minutes these two horny hunks had their naked bodies pressed together, their tongues invading each others mouths as their hands groped each others' cocks.

Aaron couldn't wait to taste Joey's cock, and vice versa. They take turns sucking and licking each others rods, mouths filled with large uncut dicks oozing pre-cum.


By now, Joey and Aaron are throbbing, horny and both need to get to it. What follows is a flip-flop fuck as Joey slams Aaron's hungry hole with 8 inches of rock-hard pounding.


Before the end of this shoot, Joey has given Aaron one hell of a fuck till Aaron returns the favor by filling Joey's ass with his powerful thrusting cock, taking both of them to the edge till both are ready to shoot hot loads of cum!


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