Martin Brant was born along the banks of the Amazon River and raised by a Kaiapo wet-nurse. Most of the time his mother was busy doing medical research and teaching the Kaiapo children how to play the violin. After growing up with these native folks and battling a long bout of Malaryia, Martin shipped himself off to Uganda where he acquired a degree in rocket science. No seriously. He claims he has not gotten a rocket off the ground yet though. These, he takes great satisfaction in spending time with his wife, in writing, and in telling lies. No lies per say, what they call "fiction" in the literary world. Wonderful stories that touch at every nerve and emotion human beings experience. Be they erotic of otherwise, the man has a knack for reaching into your soul and stirring it vigorously. While married in a heterosexual relationship, Martin seems to have a pretty open mind, and utilizes this gift to create wonderful tales. One could spend a lot of time here and enjoy reading every last word. A must see for the readers out there.

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