Marlboro Country

It's not so much a place but is a state of mind - so says the blurb at Marlboro Country. This is an adults-only blog that celebrates cigar smoking leather men and Marlboro smoking cowboys, and we are all invited to come and celebrate with them. Over a static background, which probably does more for the sale of cigarettes than the viewer, you have a scrolling page of photos. Expect to see all kinds of tough looking guys here, both gay and straight. And how do we know they are straight? Well, the straight porn pics go a long way to making up your mind. But there's plenty of solo guys, hard dicks and cigar smoke, muscled men with beefy arms and attitudes, clothed guys enjoying a smoke. Plus all of those leather guys in Muir caps and chains, chaps and waistcoats. The blog is kept well up to date with regular posts, there's not a lot to read but there's certainly a lot to see, and there is so much smoking going on you are in danger of becoming addicted.

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