Mark and Milan from Berlin Male are roommates, and they have very different lifestyles. Milan is gay, loves dancing, nightlife and partying while Mark is bi and prefers to stay home with his books and his computer. Still, the two guys get along fine, and sometimes are even willing to lend a helping hand. Take last Friday night. Mark was horny and went online hoping to find some porn or someone to talk dirty with, but he wasn't having any luck. When Milan came home, there was his roommate, hand pumping his hard cock and covered only by a towel. Milan pulled Mark to his feet, pulled off the towel he was wearing and got down on his knees. Then he started sucking his roommate's cock!

Since Mark had been surfing porn and chatrooms for a couple hours without finding what he was looking for, he was pretty horny. He had lost track of everything - like when Milan would be home.


So Mark was pretty surprised to feel Milan's hands on him, pulling him away from the computer and his mouse and focusing him on his roommate's hot body and mouth.


Once Milan had Mark's full attention, Mark couldn't wait any longer. After Milan gave Mark one hell of a blowjob, Mark stood up, bent his roommate over and pounded his tight ass!


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