When hot, studly Marko Lebeau started out in porn he was clean shaven and his body hair was minimal, but it seems as though now he is embracing his hairy heat and has let his hair grow. This has transformed him into one of the hottest cubs in gay porn!

This new-found cub heat is on full display in COLT's new flick, "Bear." Marko is fucked by Roman Wright's XXX-tra large cock. The scene is insanely hot, sweaty and - of course - hairy. Lebeau sucks Roman's long, luscious dick and then once he gets it all stiff and ready, Roman slides his hot cock into Marko's wet furry ass! It's a slice of COLT classic heaven!


For me, the hottest moment is when Roman starts to suck Marko's sweaty hole for all it's worth! Talk about eating out! This horny gay wants to see a whole lot more of Marko Lebeau's hunky hairy nastiness! He is just too damn hot for his own good! WOOF to the XXX-treme!

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