After interviewing bodybuilder and physique model Mark Wolff recently, he was so nice that I decided to ask him what some of his funniest experiences were as a model. I figure working doing live shows as well as having his own site, he must have some crazy things happen and here's what he told us:

Mark: I've had my share of things that went wrong, during shoots, lights falling down, beds collapsing, no film in the camera.


I think most of the crazy and funny stuff has happened on the road doing club appearances. I did a show in Sao Paulo Brazil, where a drunk guy came on stage during my show and literally jumped me from behind. I had to physically wrestle him to the ground for over a minute before security got him. Then i got up and continued to strip. How's that for showmanship!

Another good one, I was in Barcelona Spain doing a strip show, at a large gay nightclub named Arena. It is a dance club so they set up a temporary stage about 4 feet high, with a black curtain behind. There was about 10 feet behind the stage,where I was to change and get ready for my show. I was with a good friend of mine from England who was in Barcelona on a business trip. He is a bit on the shy side, and never goes to nightclubs. Arena is a very large club, with lots of shirtless guys, and a crazy party atmosphere. Needless to say my friend, dressed in a sport coat and dress slacks, was a bit intimidated. He decided to wait behind the stage while I did my show.

I got on stage and there must have been close to 1000 people crammed up against the stage, as my show progresed, people kept pushing forward, and the stage slowly pushed backwards. Eventually I turn and see my friend climbing up from the back of the stage to avoid getting crushed. The crowd sees him and thinks that he is part of the show. I can tell he wants to get the hell out of there, but it is so crowded, people are shoulder to shoulder all around the stage, he can't get off. The look on his face was priceless. Finally after about a minute he was able to get off stage, much to crowds shagrin, they wanted to see him take off the suit. I found him half an hour later in the back bar, nursing a drink, and talking to a couple of shirtless guys ;)

Too bad there aren't any pics from those shows! BTW, you can see Mark at his own website, Mark Wolff.

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