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So they repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell, but Gene doesn't care; he's out of the Marines now. And the first thing he did was grow out his hair and let his beard grow. The second thing he did was call Spunkworthy about another head session. Gene is one of Jason's favorites (Jason is the site owner) so he was more than happy to give him another blowjob.

This time around Jason decided to take things up a notch. He got Gene down on all fours and rimmed his ass. This was the first time Gene had his ass worked over by a guy or a girl. And he liked it. He grabbed his legs and pulled them back and he jerked off with Jason's tongue buried deep in his hole.

With his ass fully satisfied, Gene stood, grabbed the back of Jason's head, and fucked his face. Gene's girlfriend isn't able to deep throat him, so he really enjoyed shoving his cock down Jason's throat. Then Gene sat back on the bed, pushed Jason's head balls deep. Then suddenly Gene quietly said, "Okay," and Jason finished him off so we could see his cum load.

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