Let these girlie men and menny girls and girlie girls and menny men swishtastically and bulgetastically excite your fashion hormones. Not available at Kohl's. Not available at JCP. Definitely available in a whore's trick bag. Big personalities on that runway yet still some of them managed to wear the clothes while for others the clothes wore them. But they all looked good. Something about a muscular model in a jockstrap and pumps working those hips. Yum.

This show had lots of drama in the show, such as "Will Shangela fall on those skyscraper pumps? Answer: No! But she will break her leg a few days later and need surgery (as she Instagrammed)"; and "Will I leap through my screen and latch onto male model legs like a 1970s Koala clip? Answer: I wish."

Damn. Good. Show. Marco Marco Spring/Summer 14 bitches.

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