What is it about a nice pair of feet that can be so erotic? Nicely pedicured, clean and well-formed, the foot can be just as much a turn on as any other part of the human anatomy. NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN is proud to show off Marco and Jeremy. Sure, they're mostly straight, but when Marco gets down on Jeremy's feet, other things pop up. If you know what I mean.


A nice hot moist mouth on your toes can feel sensational. As I'm sure Jeremy is experiencing right this moment as Marco nibbles away. Those feet look delicious. Mmmm. Such a nice view watching someone work your peds. It's amazing how many nerves end at the foot. If you hit them with just the right amount of pressure, in the right spot, certain other appendiges will engorge with blood and enlarge.


Naturally, it was only a matter of time before Marco would make his way north to Jeremy's upper extremeties. Love those nipples man. What a great shot with that big cock throbbing while Marco chews away. I wish I could jump right through the screen and suck on that luscious prick. And then there were three!


Well it would seem all this was just a little too much for good old Jeremy. He made a right mess of himself while Marco rimmed him out. I can relate to that I believe, rimming my ass takes me right over the edge most times too. Rumour has it that the full movie of this great session can be found at NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN. So....if you're feeling a bit kinky and are into footsies, why don't you head on over and see for yourself. I'm going to take a walk to a buddy's and get my feet licked. Oh yeah!

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