dustin-fratmen-real-world21__oPt.jpgIf you loved him as 'Spencer' from the porn site FratMen.com, and there are certainly reasons to love him, then plan on going hog-wild in real life Dustin Zito's newest iteration: "Real World 25: Las Vegas" which debuts on March 10 on MTV (the station formerly known at the music television network). JRL Charts reports:

"Zito is best known for his hardcore gay performances on the FratMen gay porn web site as "Spencer." The trailer for the upcoming season shows Rayne, a girl from Louisiana, saying, "You got taped having sex. It's all over the Internet," after asking Zito if there is anything he wanted to tell her. Girl please, is that the best you could come up with? Just come out and say "You f*** dudes for a living."

Yes, that's right. Dustin Zito fucks men for a living, which is apparently the last rung of degradation on the ladder of debauchery for a show known, admired and watched for its sex, drinking, drugging, screaming vulgarities and other assorted shenanigans. Or *cough* debauchery.

But we've come a long way since Pedro Zamora debuted in "Real World Season Three: San Francisco" as the first openly HIV positive reoccurring character on television and, frankly, it seems tame to be having a gay-for-pay performer on a show that is clearly unconcerned with anyone's past and focused solely on their present behavior and that includes material as salacious as anything you can find on any number of gay porn websites.

Via: JRLChartsOnline.com

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