So let me see if I've got this. Marcello and Enrico: their beauty stings our eyes, between them, they sport abdominal sixteen-packs, they say earnest things to one of the most recognized gay lifestyle magazines in the world, they represent a confident and connected generation, they love each other deeply, and all you can think to ask is: How much?

How dare you, sir! How dare you monetize my love for Marcello and Enrico, the young men being featured in DNA Magazine - Australia's hugely successful gay lifestyles magazine - and the boys behind, and, as if you even existed without having your own eponymously named website,

Now, before you rub S'mores all over yourself and lick me, you should know a few things about our happy, married, beautiful, young (does anyone have a razor blade that works?) successful, traveled and completely self-actualized young men-children: They can be bought. Yes, these two perfect specimens of God's craftsmanship are rentboys. And even though I may be the last one to find out about these little flowers in the Lord's a-garden, just knowing that on top of every other possible gay lifestyles peak these two incredibly gorgeous young men have climbed, we can now add high-profile-escorts-featured-in-über-hip-gay-lifestyles-magazine-slash-webzine makes my flesh ripple with ecstasy.

And not to digress too, too fundamentally, but I would SO pay for these married men to help satisfy every primitive sexual urge I've ever had (and I drank for a lot years so there is something of a backlog) no matter what the cost, no matter how many sheep got burned at what stakes, no matter how many scientific units of poop were released into the air and no matter how many other bills I owed that I'd further have to put on hold and which require me to answer the phone like a burglar with testosterone issues whenever "Victor" is mentioned.

I don't know about you, but I'm ALL for the freedom to pay for sex. (And freedom isn't free.)

marcello and enrico - source DNA Magazine

(That's Enrico on the left and Marcello on the right and, yes, I do know their rates and, no, I'm not telling you. But you can always contact them yourselves.)


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