marc dylan punished

Marc Dylan is a power bottom who loves getting his ass fucked. It's hardly necessary to restrain this muscle boy in order to get access to his fuck hole - he's a cock-hungry and willing bottom - but it does add another whole level of excitement to a hot fuck scene. Dylan is playing slave to Master Avery in this Bound Gods scene. Master Avery is a fan of the BDSM site who showed up a couple of years ago to show off his skills as an unforgiving master, and he's become one the site's regular doms.

Marc Dylan finds himself lashed to a pillar with a hood over his head. Master Avery steps in, eager to play with this new muscled slave and show him who's boss. The master rips off Marc's shirt and plays with the boy's nipples; the rough nipple play gets Dylan's cock hard. When Master Avery pulls down Dylan's jeans, the slave's stiff dick is tenting in his boxers and the master grips it hard, making Dylan scream out in pain.

With an electro sound in his hard cock and electro pads attached to his big, beefy thighs, Dylan experiences a new kind of pain. Avery is anxious to fuck Dylan's round ass, so he ties his hands and feet to a suspension bar that gives him easy access to his slaves butt hole. And he fucks the hell out of him. When he's finally done with his butt boy's ass, Master Avery cums on his bound sub's face, then he lets his slave relieve himself all over his boots. But there's a price to pay for making a mess of the master's boots: Dylan has to clean up his own cum load with his tongue.

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