Sometimes in our quest for hot, naked men, we overlook some of the more obvious places. There are a lot of artists and photographers out there producing some stunning work - photos, paintings, drawings, and sculptures. But because they don't necessary show hard-ons, gay sex, or cum spurting out of dicks, their work and websites don't even hit our radar. But if you really want to get turned on in a new way, I suggest you take a look at some unconventional places for hot men. My partner still makes fun of me because I get turned on when reading DC's Green Arrow. But the Green Arrow has a hot body, a bulging package, and he doesn't take shit from anyone.

I've been looking for something new to spruce up my home office walls. So I googled "naked hairy men artists" and I landed on Manopoly. It's a beautiful site that showcases the photographic work of Felix Drobek, a 41-year-old photographer who lives in Germany. His work has graced many covers of gay magazines including MÄNNER and BLU and he's produced calendars and coffee table books; his work has even appeared in Bruno Gmünder books.

Manopoly shows us several collections of Drobek's work, and yes, you'll recognize many of the men who have also appeared in gay porn videos. Naked men like Steve Cruz, Dirk Jager, and Huessein. And if you see a photo that you like, you can order a glossy print right off the website. Drobek has a creative eye and knows how to put a hot man on display.

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