Scenes of Male Skin is another one of those compendiums of hunkdom, but this one deals in avi's - short screenings of trailers, selected by the authors, generally a couple of minutes in length and featuring the scenes represented by the 5 screen shot photos in a group. Hitting the button will take one to a Megavideo player where some scenes can be watched without any problem, yet others require signing in and registering. This is the only downside of a very interesting compilation of a wide and quite extensive roll of actors and celebrities. I went and checked out Ben Affleck and Robert DeNiro separately and was very satisfyingly rewarded with outtakes from various movies, all of which showed our heroes sans shirts and, in many cases, actively either making love, showering or being seduced, usually by females. The "Movies and TV" area lists pretty much hundreds of movie classics, from All The Right Moves, starring a young Tom Cruise, to "8 Mile" and simply scads of others. One can click for a result and see the outtakes posted in series. It gives a great idea of what's inside this impressive and hugely representative collection of shirtless and often fucking or near-fucking stars. This is an interesting site, absolutely loaded with star-struck screenings of the hottest male film stars.

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