Manhunt Daily is a very picture and idea-rich blog, full of good-looking guys sporting few - if any - clothes, some together with others. On the idea level, he takes good-natured but still-relevant and accurate swipes at the unending stupidity which is political life almost anywhere, but particularly, in Manhunt Daily's case, in the U.S. I really enjoyed his showing Zak Spears, an icon from a while back who is looking a bit older but just as sexy as ever and who is, in fact, nearly as busy on screen as ever. He's just called "Daddy" more. He delivers news about a Christian College in Hawaii who had the misfortune of seeing one of their young bucks in a Randy Blue episode, live, naked and in living color! OMG! And, nicely done, he features a Wednesday vote where readers can vote for the sexiest men in the entire world. Every Wednesday, new studs troop out for a look, voted on by readers and participants, usually resulting in some stiff-acting body candy to look at and admire. Entertaining, a bit lightweight and unpretentiously so for a reason, this blog is pure entertainment and gobs of sexy fun.

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