Manarium has this great picture of the author of this site under the heading "Blogger". I mention this because of the overriding sense of "No Bullshit" this site gives out. He looks the part and his site "acts" the part. Each post features exactly what is offered in its spare heading: i.e. "Tim Kruger Fucks Marc". Lo and behold, 'mutatis mutandi', once we click and visit, sure enough we not only get a multi-picture teaser of Tim fucking the crap out of Marc, but also some explanation and a link to a trailer and more. Let me be clear - this is truly male sex with passion and a straightforward presence that says "I fuck guys - a lot." That it also says "And I like it", pretty much goes without saying. Browsing the categories is just as refreshing and even more diverse and interesting. There is just something hotter than hell about a guy who doesn't fuck around, I'm sorry. I likey, too. Well, actually, as becomes obvious in so many of these red hot videos, he does actually "fuck around" quite a bit. And that's why we visit, after all, isn't it? I can pretty much guarantee this one is captivating for the best and the "nuttiest" of reasons.

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