Man Throne

Man Throne is subtitled 'Behind Bathroom Doors' because it is a blog posted by a guy who has this thing for what goes on in bathrooms. What goes on with men in bathrooms I should add, because this is one of those NSFW sites. I always read that as New South Wales for some reason but it's not; it's not suitable for women. (Or wimps, or wet-blankets or whatever.)

What it is, though, is suitable for anyone who might like a quick perv at bathroom nudity, sex and activity. Bathrooms include public and private, toilets and baths, and you've got a mix of pics from across the web where guys are doing everything from simply lying in a bubble bath, to sitting on the loo, to having a wank, while filming themselves, while in a public toilet, and I mean out and about in the room not just in a cubicle. There is also a mix of self-shot images of guys who have taken a photo of themselves on the toilet, or pissing, to studio shots set in similar locations but with models, and probably porn stars. Basically, when you want to see photos and video clips of guys naked and/or in the bathroom, then this is the link you need.

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