naked kilt man

Isn't the whole kilt fetish thing about looking up the kilt while the stud goes about his business and pretends he's not flashing? Perhaps he's engaged in a spirited game of tug of war with his kilt clad buddies or sitting on a curb eating a sandwich while on a break from his job at the kilt factory.

But he's not just lifting up the kilt showing his cock. He's just not. It's about sneaking a look.

Plus part of the kilt fetish is about soft dick. Super soft dick. Not flaccid. Soft. Full of potential. So much potential. I want to suck that potential. Yum. Potential.

By the way, what the fuck is on that TV? Looks like a mason jar full of red hots fucking Paula Deen's allegedly gay sons. Or a pile of busted pantyhose. I can't tell. I'm too busy looking at the uncut piece on Mr. Thin Lips.

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