Man Love Authors

So, you've written a romance novel and it's about two guys. Now what do you do with it? Well, Man Love Authors might just be able to help you there. This is a serious site about the subject of M/M romance and other male gay love writing. Whether you like to read it or write it, whether you want to publish an article or get some tips on writing, or if you simply want to join up to a community of like-minded thinkers, then this is a great place to be.

I'd recommend it for the tips and advice, for the fact that anyone can join in and submit, though there will be some rules, of course. And it looks to be a place where they stay with their subject, and that is the writing (and reading) that's all to do with man on man romance. There are sections about more erotic and harder-edged scenes and how to handle them, and there are examples from writers, too. You don't have to be published or anything, everyone is welcome. There are plenty of interviews and loads of inspiration to be found at this very positive resource.

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