Man in Uniform

A sexy man in uniform is always a hot sight. And UK Naked Men's Robin is definitely one hot fucker! But we don't get to see how hot until he starts peeling out of his uniform. He removes his hat and jacket and unbuttons his vest, but stops there. Then he unzips and fishes out one handsome, big-nobbed cock. I do love a plump cock head ... nothing hotter that swirling your tongue around an engorged crown, and if it fills up your mouth - all the better! Robin unbuttons his shirt and reveals a lightly furry chest and relatively smooth belly. He's in good shape and his six-pack abs ripple under a light layer of fat. Robin's got a scar across his pelvis and a mole on his chest - I love these little imperfections, they heighten a man's sexiness. Robin drops his pants around his ankles and lifts up his shirt to expose his hot, tight ass. His butt cheeks are firm and smooth. He gets down on all fours and spreads his ass wide. This stud has a beautiful hairy fuck hole, and the way he's spreading that ass, you know what he wants!

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