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One of my favourite things is watching a hot guy strip out of a suit. Stefan Colby showed up at the UK Naked Men studios wearing a black suit and shirt. Without taking off his jacket, Stefan starts unbuttoning his shirt. His perfectly tanned chest appears from beneath the black fabric and he looks hot. As his torso emerges, it's a beautiful sight -- well defined, smooth, and tanned. Stefan fishes his thick cock out of the fly of his trousers. You'll want to drop to your knees on the spot and take that delicious piece of meat in your mouth. Stefan takes a while to strip out his suit, teasing us and giving us glimpses of his silky, smooth flesh. But finally, he peels out of his clothes until he's standing in a jockstrap. And then, he turns his back to the camera and gives us a long look at his tight butt. I just love the way the straps of his jock perfectly frame his tight, fuckable ass.

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