Naked Man in Suit

Ross is working late at the office and he's all alone. He eyes the photocopier and decides to see how his 9-inch cock turns out. Ross is a good-looking man with a goatee and sideburns. Ross slides off his trousers and hops up on the photocopier's scanning bed. And then, he starts unbuttoning his shirt and loosening his tie. He's got a hot, hairy chest. His muscular and hairy thighs bulge out of his Diesel underwear briefs, and the glare from the photocopier casts shadows on his six pack abs. Ross slips out of his underwear, and his cock is amazing - 9 inches long, and he's sporting a tight set of bull balls. Ross leans back against the wall and tweaks his nipple, making his cock rock hard. He bends on leg and lifts his butt cheek, giving the photocopier a perfect scan of his tight fuck hole. Ross fingers his butt hole and takes a few scans of his finger fucking session. I'd love to see how these scans turned out and I sure hope Ross didn't leave them around for the boss to find.


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