Man Boobs

They come to us all eventually (assuming you are a man) - Man Boobs takes the subject of sagging chests very seriously. The home page is text-led and you need to click to the 'top ten' and the submissions area before you start thinking 'that's got to be a woman, surely?' Actually the home page seems to be just a list of old updates and news, so take a look at it to catch up with where we are and then head for that top ten list.

It's a bit frightening, and I caught myself looking down at my own chest from time to time to reassure myself that I wasn't getting as saggy as these guys. Are they really guys? I'll leave that up to you to decide when you go and have a look. If you are really into this subject, and are proud of your man boobies, then you can send in your own photo. Loads of people already have, and there were over 500 pics to check out if it's something you're into. (There are some pretty big tummies on show here, too, for you belly fetishists.) Whether you take this as seriously as these guys do, or whether you just want a laugh, this site is going to have you working on those chest exercises within minutes - or sending in pics of your own chest.

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