As video-on-demand sites go, you could do a lot worse than, part of the family of Cocky Boys sites that also includes Studmall, Benny Morecock and Studmuffin Blog. It's chock full of content from some of the top mainstream studios including Treasure Island Media, Lucas Entertainment and Eurocreme. There's also a lot of smaller studios featured - DeviantBoyz, Krowboi, Spritzz - along with a good range of "fetish" sites that include watersports, ass play and BDSM.


And in the area that matters most, the smooth operation of the servers - after all, we are talking about a VOD site - does a first-class job. The pages loaded quickly, the movies just as fast and there was very little downtime between selecting the scene and actually watching it. And switching between standard and full-monitor viewing was seamless. At least it was with my connection.

I also really, really liked the logo. It was warm and bright: A thickly-lettered 'M' with a white band running horizontally across it with the word 'maleserve' etched on top. Above it, the two sections that make up the top part of the letter 'M' are colored, one lime, the other yellow, underneath the three sections that make up the bottom of the letter 'M' are colored blue, fuchsia and red. The colors of the rainbow flag, exactly.

What I didn't understand was why Maleserve chose the pricing system it did. You buy time in dollars. The lowest amount is $5.00 and the highest - at least in the dropdown box - is $100 and it ranges in largely $10 increments in-between. The problem is that not all movies are priced the same. Some movies cost 15-cents-per-minute while others cost 20-cents-per-minute and there doesn't appear to be an explanation as to why. The problem with that of course is that whether it's a business arrangement between each individual studio and Maleserve or completely arbitrary, I, as the paying customer won't be able to determine if a movie is worth more until I've paid to see it. That would be like going to your local Cineplex and paying $10 for "Scream 4" but $15 for "Diary of A Wimpy Kid." And if I felt cheated, meaning I concluded the extra expense was not worth it, I wouldn't be inclined to return to the site.

So, in the spirit of constructive criticism, I would encourage Maleserve to rethink that policy.

About the only other thing that doesn't sit well with me is the pretty huge gulf between what you can watch if you like white guys versus everyone else. While most of the videos feature white males, all black, Latino and Asian videos are lumped together on their own page (marked quite literally as 'Asians/Black/Latino') with a fairly limited range (86 titles). I hope Maleserve continues to expand their portfolio so that all of the races get their due on the site.

After all, the object, I'm presuming, is to make money and it would be nice to see a more forceful commitment from the site's owner/s to fulfill the promise of equality that is underscored by those very colors on the logo we talked about earlier.

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