Male Undies Blog

Sometimes I feel that there are not enough sites out there dedicated to men in underwear - those into briefs, boxers or boxer briefs (or, for that matter, Speedos) aren't as well provided-for as those into college guys or gay hardcore. But I just ran across a site called Male Undies Blog, and this site is dedicated to men in underwear and swim trunks. The owner finds pics of hot men, most of whom are athletic or muscular, and they must be attired in very little - undies or similarly brief, er, briefs. And he's surely got an underwear fetish, 'cause the guys and the briefs are definitely all they should be. Some of the guys are jaw-droppingly gorgeous underwear model types, some are regular guys you might see anywhere. Readers can rate the guys if they are so inclined, or can just browse all that hot male flesh as undie eye candy.

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