Male Spank is about what you would expect - men being spanked and disciplined. However, there's a different concept going on here. It's all about text and stories. From what I can see, you can sign up for free and submit your stories relaying your past experiences and scenarios. I browsed through a lot of the submissions and I must say some of them are quite good. Obviously they've been edited, as the spelling and grammar is just about bang on. The site is designed simply, and yet with enough pinache so to make it both aesthetically pleasing as well as appropriate for the theme. From just browsing for several minutes, I was able to conclude that the list of stories is almost endless. From hardcore floggings to good old fashioned over-the-knee butt spankings, Male Spank is certainly dedicated and professional about what it features. Thing is, it's all free. He He. Don't expect images or video here. But if you're up for some reading, you could have just as much fun for sure.

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