Male Nudism

Male Nudism, be proud of your body; so reads the headline at this image led blog where the male nude is the star. Don't think that what you have here are arty shots of men posing in erotic images a la Mapplethorpe, though you may well find some. What we're mainly paying attention to here are home shots, caught on camera moments, guys flashing or having fun, and these are mixed in with images of guys posing naked for amateur cams or simply just being naked. And I think that's the beauty of this site, it is all mixed up and varied, and yet every shot really does, somehow, glorify the male body. Whether that body comes with a big dick or a small penis, heavy, saggy nuts or tight little balls, it doesn't matter. Mind you, I did notice that most of the men featured in these pictures were fit, toned and pretty active looking. Some of them are hard and there are some porn shots in here, as well. But mainly what you should look out for are the natural, unposed pics of males who just happen to be naked.

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