Male Muscle Models Getting Married!

Eric Turner seems to be a lighting rod, at least to queer men all over the world. He is an openly gay international male model. But he really became synonymous with the gay community when he posed for the cover of Instinct Magazine with his then fiancé, fellow male model John Odom.

They met on-line, moved in together and were planning a wedding. All in six months. Instinct Magazine talked to this duo and held them up as the ideal modern gay couple. Not surprisingly this created a backlash, as its readers and others had absolutely nothing positive to say about the article or this twosome. The feeling being it was superficiality at its worst.

No wedding took place, as they split up a year later. Now Eric is back in the news, with yet another engagement. This time to fellow fitness model Morné Coetzer. It seems that Eric has not learned from his past mistakes with the media. He and Morné have not only gone public with their engagement, complete with a website, they want their fans to help pay for their wedding!

The wedding date set for January 04, 2014. Along with their website, they have set up multiple e-panhandling pages (which they call the 'gift registry'). This is to solicit donations for their wedding, honeymoon, and South Africa visit. But the kicker is not one, not two, but three wedding receptions in different parts of the world. That way all of their friends and families can celebrate this wonderful union. The response has been so hostile, they taken down some of the pages. They have now just requested straight donations to fly their parents to the wedding.

Before they changed the web pages they did say if you don't have any money to spare, they would accept a free toaster.

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