Abs for days! That's what you'll see here. If you appreciate the male model with his chiseled statuesque features and perfect, film-star facial profile then this is a blog to bookmark. The main point here is modelling. If you're looking for raging hardons and cum you won't find it here. What you will find are some of the finest looking dudes on the planet showing off their finely honed bods while glaring sexily into the camera lens. With each photo comes a brief bio of each young man. Location, age, basic interests etc. There are NO ads at all - which is so nice. As far as particular tastes go, whether you like your men largely muscled and rugged, or cute and slightly buffed, you should find what turns your crank. Male model blogs like this seem to be taking off quite a bit lately and Male Model Universe has something to ad to the growing collection. It's certainly worth a peek.

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