Male Media Mind

OK, so we are talking nerdy black bears here and those are the words of Male Media Mind, not me. This is a blog that's all about raising the conscienceless of the bear community by talking about science and politics, but they tell us they are also giving us hot pics and stories as well. There is a group of horny looking ebony bears behind all this and you can check them out on the contributors page. After checking that I returned to the main blog and had a flick around. It's kept up to date regularly, it looks like they take it in turns to contribute and there are some categories to check out as well as post after post about all and every kind of subject.

And the interesting thing here is that these posts will appeal to everyone, they are not specific to any one thing or person, as such, and you get all kinds of perspectives on all kinds of topics. Sure, head straight to the Dudes and Sex category if you must, and there you will find some neat images, but really this is a blog where you need to set aside time to read, and where you should come if you want to expand your horizons get different perspectives on all kinds of things from a black bear perspective.

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