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Check out your favourite male celebrities and see what they have been up to at Male Celeb News. This is a regularly updated blog that keeps you in touch with who is doing what, and where, in the wonderful world of celebs. Male ones of course. There are sections, or headings if you like, so you can sift out actors from athletes from models, and there is a gay area too. Checking this out I found out about Colin Farrell's gay modelling past, who had been sighted with whom, and I even found a few home truths from a few names I'd often wondered about. (James Franco for example, is he or isn't he? And apparently James Bond definitely isn't.)

As a blog, the pages are well set out and it's easy to navigate around. As a read, the articles are often short and come with embedded adverts, plus links to other stories that are of interest. You've got a search box if you want to hunt down a particular celeb by name, you can comment and connect via various social networking links, and you're going to learn all kinds of gossip every day or so with the updates. It's good to find a place that has a topic, in this case male celebs, and sticks to it; the gay area is an interesting and positive aspect of the site.

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