Wow, talk about HOT!! Some people are just so damn talented when it comes to portraying men in all their naked splendor and erotic glory. Joseph is certainly no exception as he draws the most sensational looking gay men I've ever seen. That is a matter of opinion of course though. If you really get into sketch art, then I'm sure you'll agree. The site itself is quite nice and loads up very fast. Your main links are to the left, and provide links to many galleries in 5 categories - Portraits, Action/Hardcore, Celebrity Corner, Bondage/Discipline, and Bisexual. Each gallery is alive with wonderful representations of fantastic studs. Some are muscled up, some are slimmer, but all are hung and usually dripping with cum. Blue collar hunks and younger jock types seem to make up the majority of the collections - depending on the category itself of course. Some of the best drawing I've ever seen when it comes to gay erotic sketching. It gave ME a major hardon! LOL!

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