CIRCLE JERK BOYS' Maine adorns our pages today showing off his low hanging 8 inches. Tall, lean and sexy as hell, Maine claims he loves ass. Regardless of gender. Well, taking a look at this guy I can see why he wouldn't have too much of a problem acquiring a willing taker of that big cock. We get to see Maine in all his glory, adorning his masterful member for everyone's pleasure. Regardless of gender.


Maine has got a look like he takes charge of any situation he engages in. Some guys have it, and some guys don't. From where I stand, Maine's got it. He yanks on his prick hard here. Getting inside his head would be a trip I bet.


Shit yeah, look at that cock! Hard as steel and ready to penetrate any hole. Maine looks as though he's quite focused on the task at hand. Get it? "Task at hand." LOL. He knows you want it. Now to get it. Put your mouth over that big dick and I'm sure you'd have him.


There's a nice cute smile for us all. CIRCLE JERK BOYS never disappoints and will always deliver to you quality, straight men for your viewing entertainment. They know what us man-lovers want because they want it too. Hit that link and see more guys like Maine than you can handle. Or maybe you can.

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