All-American Maine is back with his tussled hair and chiseled features. At 24 years old, he certainly has the looks that could easily land his deliciously defined frame onto a Parisian runway. With him is 20 year old Johnny who really balances out the duo with his dark latino features. CIRCLE JERK BOYS honour us with this wonderful photo shoot of two extremely good looking young men. They grope and suck and lick and engage in all the good things that cum with a delicious man-to-man good time. Let's have a peak.


What an absolutely wonderful tush on our boy Maine eh? You just have to love the behind of a young man. So taut and firm. And yet so tender. Mmmm. He lays down to take Johnny's luscious latin dick deep into his pretty throat.


There's a nice pose. Nothing like a couple of hunky dudes just laying back and playing with each other's horny tools. They look so serious in this pic. I wonder if that was what CJB was going for. Perhaps so. I like it anyway.


Damn how I love a nice hairy latino ass. Maine reaches up to suck on his playmate's splendid cock and balls. Wouldn't you love to get in on this action? Hell I would. Well we sort of can. If we all go over to CIRCLE JERK BOYS we can get a glimpse of Maine and Johnny and many many other boys just like them. In fact, the list is neverending.

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