Magic Mike Channing Tatum

Exactly why this movie is causing such a sensation with gays and girls alike is still beyond me, but apparently "Magic Mike" (that stripper movie with Channing Tatum) which opens in theaters June 29th is set to be the "movie of the summer".

I know that there are plenty of gays out there that want to see what all of these studs are working with, I mean, after all it is a stripper movie, but of course we will not be seeing any peen on the big screen. Still, there will be a lot of ass shots, so I guess that makes up for something? I really would much rather watch a porn flick than this soft-core (at best) flick, but then again I'm just a horny slut!

Stars from Magic Mike

The movie had it's world premiere in L.A. at Regal Cinemas, and of course all of the stars were out in full force to support the movie - I gotta say that all of the guys here are hot but looking way so formal! I mean, the movie is about strippers! They all should have shown up in leather chaps and jockstraps! If you're gonna make a movie about strippers, you know you gotta go the whole way! Did they not learn anything from "Showgirls!?"

Magic Mike Hottie

I leave you know with a some snaps of the stars looking dapper and in some case slightly orange. So, are you excited about this flick and more importantly will you be going out this weekend to see it? Let's hear it for the male strippers!

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