With media digital editing tools at anyone's disposal these days, it's no wonder so many folks are taking advantage of all the incredible options they have. This includes superimposing heads onto bodies, morphing bodyparts, and basically just creating your own images of human beings. Mach's Fakes contains exactly all of these things. Ever wondered what one of your favorite movie star's face would look like on a really big muscular body? Or pondered what certain celebrities' cocks might look like? LOL. Yes, it can be quite amusing to say the least. However, when these morphings are done in a professional manner and are pulled off with almost astound reality, the results can be nothing short of awe inspiring. Every image is free to look at here, as the site itself is hosted by Geo Cities. Navigation is easy, and there is a ton of fun to be had here and then some.

Click here to visit Mach's Fakes

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