LVD-MAG is subtitled 'What guys want' and it seems that what guys want are pictures of horny and hunky guys. The blog is about news, music and adult content and that content comes from all over the web. There are many image posts and a lot of news of interest but it is not immediately obvious as to where. Find an image you like from the stack on the main page and click the title and then you get into the blog proper. There you find more images and more info and a right column with the news and links to other blogs and sites of interest.

There doesn't seem to be one set theme here other than handsome men in and out of clothes, but there is a high-class look and feel to the blog. They find good quality images and the text is well written, the site works nice and smoothly and although the title remains a mystery to me, the blog is definitely a place of interest. Yes, there are cocks, as I knew you were wondering, but they are not gratuitous and we're not looking at a place that advertises adult sites. There's more to it that that as you will see when you click that link.

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