Lucky Hudson

American soldiers were showing and telling when I looked at Lucky Hudson. It's all about hot, amateur self-made videos and images from - and of - straight guys at this fun blog. I took a scroll down the first page and found all kinds of sexy stuff going on: there were a couple of straight-themed offerings, but with two straight guys and a girl, so you could say there's some bi-sex sleaze also happening here. And then there were loads of straight guys doing gay things, if we are to believe the titles. And I'm talking pictures and videos here, some of which had a very realistic, voyeuristic amateur feel to them. I didn't see any watermarks, so this wasn't nicked content here (but I didn't look at everything), and I got the impression that the vid/pic blog is about more than just American soldiers showing and telling.

Get involved; there's a link so you can send in your own videos and that's what the guys behind the blog are relying on. So, it's you who can be doing the showing and telling and making Hudson, and us random surfers, even more lucky.

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