Seems like we were just admiring Lucky Daniels and his wiener in Anthony's Weener for Jet Set Men. Now the compact porn star is getting tied up and tickled (kinky!) for the new BoundJocks Web site. Its latest scene opens with Lucky in a jockstrap on a metal table, and he's trussed like a Thanksgiving turkey! After a bit of struggling against the ropes (with his perfect butt in the air), Daniels is joined by porn vet Dominik Ryder, who proceeds to caress and toy with the hogtied hottie, tickling his feet and finding his sweet spots. Hilarity ensues! If this weren't so damn adorable, it would be sexy. Fans of hard-core might not be satisfied, as the rest of this short (13 minute) loop features brief nip play and cock sucking but is mostly Daniels jerking off as Ryder looks on. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Both models look great, and it's fun to see a different approach in fetish porn. And with a kink this mild, who can resist? This one tickled our sweet spot! For more information, visit




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