The Last Day For The Men of Lucas!?

Relax! It's just a movie. While our Brit-Brit might be dancing till the world ends, the men of Lucas Entertainment will be having apocalyptic sex! The New York-based studio has announced the completion of filming of its latest action/adventure epic, and this one was shot in Ibiza, Spain. Titled The Last Day, the movie follows Lucas exclusive Jonathan Agassi as he arrives at a beautiful Mediterranean island, only to discover it has been deserted. Turns out that it's the end of mankind. So what else is there to do but suck and fuck like there's no tomorrow!? Or is there? As Agassi digs deeper into the island, he reveals an intricate plot and is taken on a journey that includes manly stuff like fist-fighting and guns.

"The story of The Last Day is a heart-pounding ride that has you on the edge of your seat as it unfolds", Lucas Entertainment president and CEO Michael Lucas says. "Damien Crosse brilliantly plays a sexy and crazed villain like no one else. And his protagonist Jonathan Agassi is a tough and hot fighter who uses everything he has, literally, in the battle of this smart and edgy thriller."

The Last Day also stars Will Helm, Kriss Aston, Rafael Carreras, Issac Jones, Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez and Adriano Carrasco. Part 1 will be released to site members on March 16. A behind-the-scenes production blog will be featured on, leading up to the DVD release on March 30. For more information, visit

The Last Day Lucas Entertainment

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