Oy mate! How about a little hot fuck action!? Give a warm hello to Luc and Jake from Australia. Both of these well-endowed fellas are football players. As in soccer, as they call it on that North American continent. After kicking the ball around, the two lean athletes were too worked up to just take it easy. Loaded with a couple of huge cocks and the testosterone flowing through their systems like an addictive drug, they got down to some nasty man-to-man carnage. Cum on in.....


As you can see, these men don't waste any time. Luc mounts Jake and grabs hold of his head to let him know he means business. His huge uncut meat slams up into Jake's ass, exploring places where no man has gone before. They're all over the room in their beastial lust, fornicating like animals on the Discovery Channel. Isn't love grand?


There we go! Here we get a great side angle of Luc jackhammering Jake like there's no tomorrow. Things are getting hotter by the second and Jake screams out his pleasure for all to hear. The neighbours must not know what to think. To hell with the neighbours, let's fuck.


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