low hanging balls

There's lots of slap happy fun this week when Speedy and Luscious gets together. Look at those low-hanging balls - fuck! I've seen some low hangers in my time, but these two horny guys gotta to be holding some kind of record.

It's been almost three years since Speedy Gonzalez first appeared on Circle Jerk Boys. Speedy is now 23 and he has brought along a hot buddy, Luscious G. This Costa Rican is also 23 and lives in Miami. Luscious sits on the couch and Speedy is immediately in his face, asking if he wants some "Speedy Cock." And it's not long before Luscious goes down on it. Speedy's dick gets hard fast, but his low-hanging balls flop down on the couch and just hang there. Luscious starts jacking his cock and his low-hangers are looking heavy and full.

After some intense cocksucking, Luscious mounts the couch doggy style. The rear view of Luscious's hairy ass crack and his low-hanging balls swinging between his legs is too hot. Speedy starts inching his stiff, uncut cock into Luscious's tight fuck hole. Speedy fucks Luscious in a number of positions, but fucking his buddy missionary style really gets him off - literally. Speedy pulls out his thick, uncut cock and sprays a creamy load all over Luscious's belly. Having both cum, the guys sit back on the sofa. Their bellies are covered in cum, and while their low hangers are still looking pretty heavy, they're not swinging as much as they were at the beginning of this video.

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